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Great Experience!

I could easily upload my files, choose the best printing details and make my order. I would definitely recommend Impressa for any type of work.  


Tracy A.
Britax Child Safety


Excellent Service!

Impressa supplies boxes for my company, working along companies ike Contempo and Weekend. They deliver in a timely manner, and I’ve never experienced any inconvenience.

Angelica Velasco


Great Attention to Detail!

On behalf of Franklin Templeton Investments we really thank Impressa and Macropulse for the excellent service, attention and monitoring they provided.

Jessica Wright Trejo
Franklin Templeton Investments, Marketing Analyst


Excellent Quality!

It is a real pleasure to count on a company who offers us an impecable service. Impressa always assists us when times are constraint and helps us solve our needs. We can always count that our products will be on time and with the quality we expect. The service and treatment they provide is always one of  quality, commitment and responsibility.


Oscar Castillo Caudillo
Coordinador de Operaciones, The Walt Disney Company México


Excellent Price!

Our main supplier for labels, flyers, posters and anything realated with printing is Impressa. So far they have fullfilled each and every one of our needs and request on a timely fashion. They are experienced in both machinery and have experienced personnel: improving daily and fullfilling our needs. They participate in our commitments and always have our backs when it comes to precise delivieries.

Cp. Pedro Cisneros


Excellent Price!

On behalf of Gastronomica Toldense S.A. de C.V: Impressa was always good, timely, efficient.



Mauricio Rios
Piantao, Administrativo


Great Added Value!

As cutomers, we are more than satisfied with Impressa. Since day one they became and extension of our company. They are not only a printing company, but a great added value to our company by taking care of every process in our supply chain. We have great products, but Impressa has helped us to make them visually attractive  for our consumers and highly functional for our retailers.

Miguel Guizar
Colloids de Mexico SA de CV,Director General


Great Assistance!

The attention I have received from Impressa towards Belifra has always been kind. Throughout the year 2018 the delivery times have constantly improved and they have helped us during important situations so that our products get delivered on dates set by our customers. When it comes to quality, they are really good, we believe our liquid soap trays could improve, however we have been improving side by side and thanks to Impressa our products are being transported more efficiently, without suffering harm and arriving in good conditions to our selling points. We are improving our planning and lowering the number of urgent deliveries, thus getting better prices.

Fabiola Antonio Maldonado
Comercializadora e Importadora Belifra SA de CV, Purchasing

Great Delivery Times!

My experience with Impressa has been really pleasant. Personally I get shoe boxes delivered for the products I manufacture, as well as shoe racks. They have always been flexible when it comes to developing a new design accoriding to my needs, and they have always been quickly and effective. Their delivery times are great and they always respond quickly to last hour calls. Lastly, I’d like to add that the team is really kind and they always come up with solutions for any situtation.

L.C.P. José Valle
Admin and Purchasing


Our Services


In Offset printing we have state-of-the-art single-sheet printing machines with excellent stability in both short and long runs, designed to do jobs of excellent stability and quality. They process a wide range of substrates, from very thin papers for printing texts or newspapers, to cartons for packaging and folding.


In Flexography printing it is considered as the printing system with the highest growth in the near future. Simple or coextruded supports, inks and, above all, new materials, ceramic and metallic, the printing of machines, have increased the quality of the printing by matching or even surpassing Offset and Rotogravure printing. Flexography is one of the most economical printing methods.


In Hot stamping printing it is a technique of printing a high resolution metallized film that is transferred to the object to be printed by a high temperature process. Nowadays, it is frequently used in a large number of sectors or industries in the engraving or printing of its products thanks to the quality of the finish and resistance, high-value and impressive decorations are achieved.


We specialize in the design and engineering of pharmaceutical and retail packaging, these require special care and considerations due to their own content. Packaging intended for medicines must be subjected to a large number of tests in order to ensure the safety, efficacy and stability of the content. Exceeding the expectations in packaging and packing, we take care of the folds and glue thoroughly so that it fits perfectly.


Silkscreen printing consists of stamping and / or printing with inks that pass through a mesh. This is filmed the design that allows only ink to pass in the area of ​​the drawing (the basis of this system is the stencil). Screen printing allows printing on different materials and with different inks. There are water-based inks, plastisols, sublimables, inflatables, among others, and the surfaces are inexhaustible, for example: paper, metal, glass, textile and wood


It is a final operation that completes the printed product, such as stapling, folding, binding and refining. We have all the finishes and applications such as eyelets, corners, thread cuts, among others. Among the different types of finishes we have the realization of the smoothing which is made a table for cutting with special shapes, cutting and bending which is made with cutting and / or folding pleats.

Our Products


Specialists in the production of packaging. Even from the pharmaceutical and food industry, knowing very well the special care and considerations; Due to your own content.


Books and magazines of excellent print quality. We handle different binding and printing techniques.


We develop promotional and communication products to enhance your brand and positioning within the market.


We carry out corporate work, from letterheads, receipts, notes, folders, envelopes, etc. Different printing systems guarantee the best result of your work.

We Print Solutions

Impresora de Productos Especiales S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company founded in1990. Our experience and creativity make us more than a printing company; we provide assistance, printing techniques as well as support in graphic arts, surpassing our customers expectations.

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Impresora de Productos Especiales, S.A. de C.V.

Calle Guido Reni 56,
Alfonso XIII,
01460 Ciudad de México,
CDMX, México

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